Perché Cloud Engineering

Engineering Cloud ensures the customer:

  • INNOVATION: with Engineering Cloud the focus shifts from asset ownership to quality of service. It completely eliminates asset management costs, ensuring immediate use of new trends and innovations. Each update, derived from regulatory or market changes, is delivered as a service to the Company / Organization, without the timing and cost of an ad hoc implementation.
  • EFFICIENCY: Engineering offers the customer a cloud infrastructure with optimal performance at convenient conditions. The Cloud Platform resides in Engineering’s Data Centers, hosting customer services from around the world, providing speed and automation for IT services.
  • AGILITY: In cloud mode, you can immediately access new services and new resources without having to wait months to increase the capacity of your existing services, ensuring immediate response to your company's sudden needs.
  • SECURITY: Thanks to a network of service centers for the management of physical infrastructure and technology environments, which ensure maximum availability and security for systems and data.

Engineering offers Cloud services conforming to NIST standards and ISO / IEC (17788-17789), customizable and hosted on dedicated hardware infrastructure and fully redundant. These services have been built using the best HW and SW technologies available. CloudEng enables cloud bursting to integrate its cloud with that of other market-leading operators or private cloud solutions through the implementation of the "Hybrid Cloud" model.

Engineering delivers cloud services through the Microsoft Azure Pack platform and through the Openstack platform.

Engineering cloud offer combines the expertise of the Research and Innovation Division with Engineering Software Labs application experience to offer innovative IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services and fast time to market solutions.  The company promotes numerous research initiatives for the development of cloud-ready products, and for delivering IT innovation as part of an integrated and comprehensive offer of consulting, business integration, infrastructure outsourcing and Cloud services.

Engineering, which in 2010 invested in research on Cloud Computing (Venus-C, Vision Cloud and many others) and in the same years has developed a new platform for cloud managed services for the business (CLOE), in 2016 has initiated a transformation project of its range of products and services to a new Cloud offering named GoToCloud. Through GotoCloud Engineering offers services to the Italian and international markets with the strength of significant partnerships with leading industry players (like Microsoft, RedHat, Oracle, HPE). This choice testifies a close attention of "Engineering Group" on innovation of its services and a strong commitment to meet the highest quality standards.

Services described below are constantly evolving, in line with technology upgrades and therefore subject to short and medium-term changes. Engineering also launched new initiatives in parallel with existent services:
• GoToIaaS, offering massive IaaS platform that integrates Open Source and Industry Standard market leaders;
• GoToSaaS, to deliver Engineering SaaS catalog through Collaborative Marketplace of current market leaders in SaaS and PaaS services;
• GoToCloud, to offer a Cloud Management Portal enabling Hybrid Cloud Governance for customers.

Engineering is the right partner for IT services thanks to the key values it delivers

• dimensional and financial strength with diverse stories and solutions;
• capillary presence on the territory;
• competence on the institutional, regulatory and organizational context in different markets;
• culture and expertise in technology and methodology
• positioning at the top of ICT realities with a broad network of alliances, partnerships and recognitions;
• the ability to combine original components already existing according to the new market needs.


OpenStack Cloud

Engineering is currently working on the deployment of an Enterprise grade OpenStack Cloud with a service based on the Pont Saint Martin and Torino data centers. Engineering can also offer Cloud implementation services on customer premises, including Openstack, thanks to high level expertise and skills of its personnel. The Openstack project has already been implemented for two production systems, to support business critical services, on customer premises.

OpenStack offers the technical capabilities of proprietary alternatives at a fraction of the cost. The wide range of vendors joining the OpenStack community contribute to the overall success of the project. It provides the flexibility of choice without getting locked into a particular vendor.

Engineering experience on OpenSource projects has a long history and recently Engineering Group confirmed its support for global open source communities and contributes to OSI’s growth. Engineering Group, a founding member of the OW2 Consortium ( and an associate member of Eclipse Foundation (, announced today its corporate sponsorship of the Open Source Initiative (

Engineering is a partner in the Cloud28+ Initiative. Cloud28+ is an open community of Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Resellers, ISVs, Systems Integrators and government entities dedicated to accelerating enterprise cloud adoption across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Cloud28+ builds around HPE Openstack catalogue of trusted, business cloud services that matches in-country or cross-border buyer and regulatory workload requirements.