Engineering Support

The value of human resources: 1,350 specialists

Engineering.MO can count on more than 800 specialist employees who work in the main centers in Pont-Saint-Martin, Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Naples, in addition to a widespread presence in Italy via the use of several Engineering branches; the number of specialists rises to 1,300 thanks to the contribution of consultants and external collaborators.

All this is aided by complete knowledge of the specific characteristics and problems  the outsourcing services

requested in each market, coming from more than eighteen years of presence  in Managed Operations services both by the holding company Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and the subsidiary company that provides its expertise in design, implementation and management of business critical IT systems, via the use of consolidated methods, instruments and organization acknowledged at international level such as SMES, CMMI, ITIL and COBIT. As an addition to the project skills, there are also the certifications of quality, reliability and correspondence to the best security criteria for the services provided and information released, while Engineering's strategy in providing ICT services is based on a constant relation and collaboration with the main technology producers in order to make the most of innovations offered by the market, maintaining a total independence compared to specific brands

Engineering.MO Skills

Technological competences are essential in the contexts in which Engineering.MO operates, in order to create complex full outsourcing, Cloud and innovative service solutions; competences include all market technologies:

Hardware technologies and products

Server architectures (Intel Industry Standard, UNIX proprietary IBM, HP and Oracle, AS/400, Mainframe)

Storage & Backup (Netapp, Hitachi, IBM, EMC, HP, Symantec)

Network (Cisco, Brocade, Huawey, HP) 

Software technologies and products

VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft Windows/HyperV, Oracle VM, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX / ZOS, Linux (RedHat, Suse, Centos, Oracle Linux)

Oracle DBMS, MS SQL Server, MySql, DB2

WebSphere/Jboss/Tomcat, .NET Framework

SAP, BaaN, Oracle Enterprise Suite, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Documentum, FileNet 

Methodologies and Standards

Continuous Services: ITIL, ISO 27001, ISO 20000

Projects: PMI, OTM (Outsourcing Transition Management)

The value of innovation: Innovation Lab and Cloud Computing services

In the realm of innovative services, such as the Cloud platform, Engineering operates with joint teams from the Research and Innovation and Managed Operations divisions, with the aim of choosing innovative technologies for the services provided by Managed Operations and of planning and designing innovative services for reference markets.

The new range of Cloud services with availability of several platforms enabling the same Cloud services (Azure Pack and OpenStack platforms) that can offer a wide range of IaaS and PaaS services, was created from this collaboration:

  • Data Center extension (Virtual Private Cloud) services
  • Backup Services and DR as a Service
  • Synchronization and sharing services (sync & share)

In order to maintain a high innovative standard not only in the services realized with latest generation technology but especially towards a mid-long term evolution, Engineering's Managed Operations Department and the Research and Innovation Department  have created a permanent structure for innovation within the Managed Operations department (Innovation) together with an "Innovation Lab” that hosts international research projects aimed at qualifying and designing future ICT services via the use of new models and technologies.


Servizi di Cloud Enabling

Engineering consultants play an important role as Cloud Enablers across all markets and across the country. The adoption of Cloud Computing is an emerging trend for cost reduction, flexibility and speed of implementation benefits. Engineering aims to guide the customer in designing and adopting the Cloud to support and empower business processes.

The first step of the cloud enabling process is the service evaluation that leads to the definition of a strategic vision of IT transformation. The success and effectiveness of this path derives from an action plan that integrates Cloud technologies into a broad-based IT strategy with short-term scheduled actions and long-term strategic vision. The transformation plan will focus on the following phases: planning, new technologies enabling, migration, optimization and operational management.

Cloud Computing technologies force a change not only to ingrastructures but also to human resources involved in designing and managing IT services, thus requiring a review of IT processes.

Cloud solutions proposed can be:

  • Services-based solutions offered by Data Center Engineering, with the Azure or Openstack platform;
  • on-premise solutions with cloud computing platforms installed at the customer's data center, based on various technologies such as Azure, VMWare vRealize, Openstack, Citrix;
  • Hybrid solutions using cloud bursting mechanisms towards public cloud providers such as: Azure, Oracle, Google, and Amazon.

Professional & Technology Services

Technology Services is one of the division of Engineering.MO with a staff of 220 consultants and specialized Engineering technicians, aided by a network of qualified partners with more than 280 external consultants, professionals who have certifications on the main market technologies and methods, of some of the following brands (although the list is not complete):

  • HP, Dell, IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Symantec, EMC, Cisco, SAP, Check Point, Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Double-Take, Websense and Fortinet for Data Center technologies
  • PMI, Itil and Prince2 for methods and management of projects and processes.

The competences that Engineering provides for its customers are the same ones used to design, update and exercise the same Engineering Data Center that have consolidated experience and a marked aptitude for operating in enterprise and Mission Critical contexts.

Technology Services focuses on a wide range of projects and consultancy services that cross the entire life cycle of a Data Center, from planning to hardware and software technological renewal, to Cloud Enabling services and Data Center moving without any interruption in service. The main areas are:

  • Technology & Infrastructure Assessment
  • IT Processes & Governance
  • Technology Refresh & Upgrade, Replatforming and Rehosting
  • Cloud Enabling and planning of Cloud solutions (Private, Public & Hybrid) on discreet virtual architectures or on “Convergent Architectures”
  • Network & Unified Communications
  • Technology Management Tools and Application Performance Management
  • Data Center Modernization
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

In addition to the specific project areas, the following innovative services are available:

  • Technology & Infrastructure Assessment in the different areas of IT processes, Disaster Recovery & Backup, Technological Refresh, Consolidation and Virtualization, Data Center Management and Security
  • IT Processes & Governance for structuring processes according to international standards (ITIL V.3, PMP, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and COBIT.


Security services

Managing 4 different data center with a global capacity around 5.000 square meters of ICT data rooms, a global population of more than 8.000 workplaces only inside the company (and around 250.000 at customer premise), being an official Internet Service Provider with services published by our customers over the Internet, has a requirement: we need to do security governance on our day by day operations.


The Engineering group SOC starts from that experience, that we can summarize in the multi tenancy security management of the customers infrastructure, usually included in all the outsourcing contracts, and has evolved to a service platform that can be sold to an external customer independently by other services.


The service is run by a dedicated team, parallel to the other ICT operations teams, focused on security governance, mainly based in the Pont S. Martin plant. From that position, through the redundant, high capacity data canter backbone, the redundant internet connectivity and the existing dedicated MPLS wans WANS connecting the customer premises to the Engineering infrastructure, the team can support the customer in all his security related tasks.


The team is organized on 2 main professional categories:


Security Governance – Those people are specifically trained on Security management process design, implementation and run. Prepared through a specific training path including professional certifications like ISACA CISM, ISACA CISA, and ISO27001 LEAD AUDITOR, those professionals can support the customer in designing  their own security governance model up to the ISO27001/2013 certification or simply to reach a desired security management model.

The Security Governance team supports the SOC process definition and covers all compliance and regulation aspects of the procedures and the relationship with the public authority when needed.


Technical Security – The technical team is specifically trained on ICT security and Ethical Hacking and are the ones running the SOC infrastructure and tools. Prepared through a specific training path including professional certifications like ISC2 CISSP or EP Council CEH, those guys are in charge to design the security monitoring solution, to perform the security analysis tasks, to support the customer on the Security Incident Management process, and to perform Ethical Hacking activities like vulnerability assessment, penetration test on both infrastructure or application level.


The different professional roles works together in order to ensure proper handling of all aspects of the security management process.

Technology and Innovation laboratories

Through the Engineering.MO Innovation Department, a permanent laboratory structure (Innovation Lab) is managed with a continuous evolution model, for hardware and software technologies where Engineering Research designs future ICT services and relative basic technologies in international contexts.

The Innovation Lab has an innovative infrastructure realized on a Cloud OpenStack model and hardware industry standard, interconnected with a 10G converging network infrastructure, Top technological hardware and software partners in the respective reference markets cooperate on the realization of the Innovation Lab, in the respective reference markets with a common vision for:

  • Identification, support for the adoption and proposal of new hardware and software technology to the customers
  • New architectures for Cloud, Big Data and Big Data as a Service services
  • Adoption of the most innovative Industry Standard technologies (SAP HANA Demo Lab)
  • Realization of laboratories and joint Proof Of Concept for customers

The Innovation Department also maintains a significant role in the Technology Services training process on emerging technologies, taking part in several national and international technological events and realizing partnerships with the most innovative technology producers for the creation of laboratories where technologies can be experimented and certified before being adopted in Managed Operations.

Training and communication extends to customers, jointly with partners for the Innovation Lab, realizing dedicated innovation days (Engineering Innovation Days) and seminars on specific technologies (e.g. Big Data Day).Attraverso la Direzione Innovation di Managed Operations viene gestita, con un continuo modello evolutivo, una struttura permanente di laboratorio (Innovation Lab) per le tecnologie HW & SW dove la Ricerca Engineering progetta, in contesti internazionali, i futuri servizi ICT e le relative tecnologie di base.