Virtual Machines and Virtual Disks

The Virtual Machine or "Simple Server" service provides Windows or Linux, single or multi layer virtual server models for use both in the production and testing and development environments. The customer, "tenant", once signed up, can perform all management operations like activating new workload instances, changing CPU, RAM and local disk features, deactivating resources, checking their status and.

Subscription life time has a minimum duration of one month while virtual machines may have pre-configured or customizable minimum cuts within the resource pool defined in the subscription.

  • Virtual CPU
  • Virtual RAM
  • Virtual Network
  • Virtual disk
  • Checkpoint
  • Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Data center extension
  • Disaster recovery

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Virtual Machines and Virtual Disks

Features of the Virtual Machine Service

  • Server Ready
    availability of basic server templates offered in pre-configured, templates, defined in the initial pool of subscription; computational size can be increased as needed; essential and minimal features for an economical and ready-to-use solution; dimensioned Internet and limited server cut; advantageous for implementation of test and development environments or for POC and in all cases where non-mission critical applications are to be tested; monitoring of the uptime and bronze SLA.
  • Server Advance
    configurable options as above but with the availability of dedicated Internet band and the ability to build custom template catalogs; you will also be able to activate additional resource monitoring and backup services with agent and DB integration; these optional services fall into the category of services managed by Engineering Managed Operations personnel.
  • Backup
    VM protection is provided for all VMs as a basic service, by a day-to-day backup and one-week latency; end-user can restore autonomously from one of the recovery-points available to the virtual machine.  Any special need for restoring selected contents or for restoring to a different target can be managed by support personnel.
  • Select the disk tier available from the list of tiers subscribed

    Depending on the resources assigned to the subscription, there are available templates that can be identified by tags associated with different tiers of disk:

    • TIER 2: service built on SAS storage infrastructure with small cut disks to maximize performance

    • TIER 3: Hybrid pooling between SAS disks and NLSAS disks, ideal for good performance and excellent early performance

    • TIER 4: service built on high-capacity NLSAS disks and high-performance storage environments

  • Optional services
    You can require optional services for a virtual machine such as: Security and Disaster Recovery Services, Networking Services, Security Services, Management Services, and Monitoring Services. Some services include virtual machine management service.