Sync & Share

Cloud Storage for Collaboration and File Sharing, with Multi Cloud Gateway and Sync & Share functions, based on the Storage Made Easy (SME) solution and Cloudian Object Storage.

The service allows you to define work teams collaborating in workspaces and ensure better accessibility and greater productivity while keeping your data safe and reliable.

Engineering with this advanced technology solution enables the customer organization to counter the phenomenon of Shadow IT, driven by "shadow" computer applications, which are not managed directly by the Customer Information Systems department.
Custom Clients are available for synchronizing content on a PC.

Client tools


  • Corporate Workspace
  • Geographic Replication of Data in 4 Copies
  • Object Storage
  • Cloud Gateway
  • Object Storage S3
  • Multi device
  • Data migration between clouds
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Pay per use charge model


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Sync & Share Service

Sync & Share

Overview of features

Engineering Sync & Share, based on SME and Cloudian, is an Enterprise level service available in the Engineering Cloud.
The service provides a collaborative environment, simple, secure and available everywhere.

Data protection
Data are protected in four different copies in two data centers, separated by a 400Km distance.

Cloud Drive + Sync
SME provides free tools for integrating (viewing, editing, searching, syncing) with your local desktop. These tools allow you to configure a Virtual Cloud Drive for uploading, downloading, and syncing files to your local computer, or a Cloud Explorer allowing integrated file management of your cloud storage.

Cloud Tools are provided for:

Workspace Collaboration
Within the SME workspace, users can share files, email document links, and comment on individual files.  Additionally, if a file is made public, a link can be generated that allows anyone (even without a Storage Made Easy account) to access the file.

File Versioning & Locking
File versioning
and edit locking are integrated seamlessly into Storage Made Easy for all users and cloud services.

Event Notifications
Workflow and event notifications
are configurable in Storage Made Easy allowing individuals or groups to receive email and twitter notices based on changes to a variety of file characteristics.

File Sharing via links
Using Storage Made Easy’s file sharing via links, you maintain control over all of your files and allow tracking and governance of your data. File links can be generated with various levels of security, encryption, and time expiry. Controlling file access, tracking & auditing access to files, and assuring compliance to standards has never been easier.

Email Sharing
Email file attachments are a security concern for private information. SME helps you solve this with add-on products to both Windows Outlook and Mac Mail. Using these add-ons, attachments are sent as file links to your cloud files, guaranteeing your ability to track, audit, expire, and limit user access to sensitive information.

Public Files Webpage
Every SME user account has a public webpage with a distinct URL. Any files that a user makes public can be accessed by anyone (with or without a Storage Made Easy account). Encrypting these these public files can guarantee secured access only to users with the download key.

Mobile Tool
Storage Made Easy provides unified cloud access apps for all of your mobile devices. We have free apps  available with all accounts.

Integrazione con il Software Office
Accessing files is only part of the cloud service. All SME accounts can use integrated tools for viewing and editing many office software formats including: Microsoft Office / Open Office / Libre Office documents, Google Viewer documents,Zoho Office, Scribd PDF Viewer.

Business Groups enables the creation of a shared workspace with which  to share files and folders with groups of users Files and folders from different clouds can easily be be shared  under a business group that you created. This means if you have some files stored on your cloud storage or in email or on FTP, or wherever they reside you can easily group different files and easily share them  with colleagues, customers, prospects, or partner networks. Anyone you share the files with has no knowledge which service(s) they are stored on and each time you share a file with the Group workspace all members receive an email notification letting them know you added new content with a link to the content.

Cloud shares can be configured for automatic backup of contents. This automatic synchronization periodically replicate source cloud contents to a backup cloud.

SME applies a true public/private key AES 256 bit file encryption to specified files as they are uploaded to cloud storage or emailed as a links. While many cloud providers support encryption, our encryption process is often used in addition as it provides better security.
As an extra mechanism for encryption, we support the Amazon S3 Cloud encryption as an easy on/off setting within our web dashboard.
For iOS devices, Storage Made Easy work with BoxCryptor to securely encrypt files on the local device.

Audit, e-Compliance & Goverance
The proliferation of cloud storage and SaaS services is both a blessing and a curse for businesses. SME provides many tools that work across cloud providers to assist in auditing, assuring privacy, protecting intellectual property, and implementing data governance. Some of these tools include:

  • ability to capture and index files across cloud and SaaS services
  • customizable file event logging and auditing including IP and geo-location data
  • cloud provider access permissions
  • geo-location data can be used to restrict content based on e-compliance borders
  • search across cloud providers for e-discovery needs and visibility
  • full cloud content backup to other cloud storage providers for redundancy
  • bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access management

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