DataBase as a Service

The "Database as a Service" service allows the creation of dedicated and / or distributed databases to quickly develop application prototypes or provide easily scalable back-end infrastructures. With the DBaaS service, users can request database environments from a default service catalog and through a self-service provisioning structure simplifying the IT infrastructure.

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server Governor
  • Transactional service levels
  • Snapshot
  • Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Data center extension
  • Disaster recovery

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DataBase as a Service

Database as a Service

The service is available at PaaS level to provide MySql and Microsoft SQL instances. Ideal for large and small database that require predefined automatic mechanisms for high availability, emergency reset, and upgrade. it is also possible to create dedicated VM at IaaS level with the database server installed on them. for this purpse Cloud Engineering provides a set of simple templates on the management portal to easily create Virtual Servers with SQL and new SQL Database Instances.

Cloudeng makes MySQL Server available as a single type of service. The cost of the service is determined by the number of created instance databases, and the disk space used.

Cloudeng offers differentiated service levels for SQL Server, differentiating performance across test and development environments or critical production environments.
Cloudeng also provides the SQL Resource Governor feature that allows you to manage SQL Server workloads and resources, specifying resource-limitations by incoming requests. Resource Governor prevents other tenants on the same server from being affected by this scenario. These limits can be applied to:

  • CPU
  • Storage
  • I / O Operations

The service is offered with a charge model based on resource consumption.