Data Center Extension

Data Center Extension services offer a Virtual Private Cloud to customers allowing the dynamic extension of Data Center capabilities for computing, storage and networking resources. The offer fits with development and production environments or in the case if the customer chooses not to invest more in premise infrastructure. These services can be structured on multiple levels and on multiple components.

  • Computational capacity extension
  • Connectivity extension
  • Storage extension
  • Storage as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring
  • Temporary Data center extension
  • Disaster recovery

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Data Center Extension

Data Center Extension

Data Center Extension is delivered in the following ways, featuring several layers and components:

  • Server Data Center Extension (Virtual Private Cloud – VPC): Availability of virtual servers that can be allocated in predefined customer VLANs, connecting to cloud resources or to other farms.
  • Server Data Center Extension gestito: Optional data center services can be added to existing virtual machines such as: Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Services, Networking Services, Security Services, Middleware and DB Management Services, Monitoring Services. Some services include the full machine management service.
  • SAN Storage: provides structured (on SAN) of different size and different Quality of Services.
    • TIER 2: service built on SAS storage infrastructure with small cut disks to maximize performance
    • TIER 3: service built on hybrid pools between SAS disks and NLSAS disks, ideal for good performance and excellent early performance
    • TIER 4: service built on high-capacity NLSAS disks and performance-friendly storage environments

It is possible to determine the level of data redundancy and the type of disaster recovery

  • Local Replication - Creates a data copy in the local data center.
  • Geographic Replication – Creates an asynchronous copy in a second data center hundreds of miles away.
  • S3 Object Storage: or unstructured storage (Object storage), flexible and elastic, it can be easily expanded. The S3 service can be accessed through standard S3 interfaces. Data are store in four different copies in two data centers at more than 400 KM of distance..
  • LAN Data Center Extension: to add Virtual LAN and other network resources like IP addresses, additional network bandwidth, VPN, virtual routers and direct access.

 The service can be delivered with different charging models:

  • metered /consumption based - the price is determined by the real resource consumption
  • in bundle  - the price is fixed and is determined on the base of allocated or reserved resources