Backup As A Service

The "Backup as A Service" service is a complete solution for local and remote backup in cloud. The service is fully automated to back up data from different sources and restore to any destination and system (multi platform).  The service is automatically activated for cloudeng virtual machines. For workload on customer premises the tenant can choose among available plans or can specify different frequency and retention. Advanced deduplication and data compression techniques increase the transfer rate and make substantial savings in terms of space used for storage.

  • Virtual CPU
  • Virtual RAM
  • Virtual Network
  • Virtual disk
  • Snapshot
  • Backup
  • Monitoring
  • Data center extension
  • Disaster recovery

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Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Remote Backup as a Service and Backup for Cloudeng Virtual Machines offer turnkey solutions comprehending all technology and  professional services for implementing and managing functionality:

  • internet-VPN connection between Engineering DC and customer premises
  • backup agent installation
  • service configuration  and initial test
  • continuous monitoring controlled by Engineering control room
  • professional support for backup and restore activities
  • periodic test to verify restore capability.

Remote Backup as a Service

Engineering offers the Remote Backup as a Service to enable customers to perform backups at their local data centers and also to replicate the backup data to the remote data center of Engineering, acting as a Cloud Service Provider. With this service customers automatically activate a remote data protection service in cloud without owning, managing, or incurring the expense of a remote site for recovery purposes. The local backup can be used for faster recovery, when needed.

The Remote BaaS service enables the following functionality:

  • Backup and Recovery service for production physical and virtual servers from a customer data center to an CSP VPC along with local recovery capabilities.
  • Backup and Recovery functionality at the application, file, and VM level.

The Back as a Service offers to the customer a web console that enables the following data management operations:

  • Performing Backup and Restore of Your Data
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Viewing and Analyzing Web Reports
  • Downloading Software Packages
  • Forms
  • Manage Databases

The web console gives access to the customer to its data respecting tenant boundaries. The interface of the web console can be customized enabling or disabling functions to offer a full serf service interface. Forms can be created to enhance automation and communication with the service provider administrator.


Backup for Cloudeng Virtual machines

Engineering offers Cloud Services classified as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, following NIST definitions. Data protection is embedded in all cloud services and operates at all infrastructure levels. Base Backup is activated for all IaaS VMs that optionally request it.

Engineering Cloud guarantees data protection with a completely highly available physical infrastructure that includes data protection at disk level, and that optionally allows to specify the replication of the VM in the secondary data center.

Backups are executed with CommVault and it is not necessary to install backup agents.

A Backup copy, called recovery-point is generated while the system is running and thanks to the Hyper-V VSS technology it always produces consistent images of the VM. The Self Service portal enables the user to perform automatically the restore in place of the VM. For the restore to a different location the support intervention is requested.

The VM recovery-point is generated daily and is maintained for the required number of days. The end user can proceed autonomously in the restore operation, using one of the recovery-points available for a Virtual machine. Selecting the backup function available in the left navigation bar it is possible to reach a page where all recovery-points are listed, sorted by VM and date. Pointing a specific recovery-point it is possible to activate the Recover action: it will switch off the VM, perform the restore and switch on again the VM.

Advanced Backup can be requested for a VM to execute hot backup of databases, to select specific files, or to adopt different frequency of backup and different latency of data.

Backup service options

The service can be customized with different options:

  • encryption to cipher data.
  • additional backup copy stored in the Engineering secondary data center.

Services can be configured with different backup policy Plan:

  • Bronze performs a daily incremental backup, a weekly full backup, using a 15 days retention plan
  • Silver performs a daily incremental backup, a weekly full backup, using a 30 days retention plan
  • Gold performs a daily incremental backup, a weekly full backup, maintaining monthly copies for 1year and yearly copies for 3 years.
  • Custom depending on particular customer needs.

The service can be delivered with different charging models:

  • metered /consumption based - the price is determined by the real resource consumption
  • in bundle  - the price is fixed and is determined on the base of allocated or reserved resources