Storage for dedicated or shared Hosting

The Storage architecture proposed by Engineering is based on Enterprise class solutions within the Data Centers in a fully redundant asynchronous data replication scheme for DR site alignment. Adopted Technology is based high-end solutions from the industry's leading brand brands, and provides:

  • "tiered" disks
    • T0          MaximumPerformance
    • T1          HighPerformance
    • T2          Standard
    • T3          HighCapacity
    • T4          MaximumCapacity
  • mapping of customer requirements of performance profiles, assigned to disk resource pools;
  • SAN Fibre Channel or 10GBE connectivity;
  • dynamic provisioning;
  • supported protocols CIFS, NFS, FTP,HTTP, interfacce API standard;
  • replication functionality with consistency group and write consistency.

Storage for Engineering Cloud

The Storage Layer of Engineering cloud integrates into a single infrastructure the following components:

  • High performance disk tiers:
    • SSD Layer  or Tier 0  
    • SAS Layer  or Tier 2
    • Hybrid Layer based on storaged pool mixing SSD and Tier1 SAS
  • Archiving Tier 4 based on high capacity disks
  • NAS (available through fast connection  10GbE)
  • Network appareils support IP replication between primay and secondary storage

Clodeng offers also an S3 Object Storage, or unstructured storage (Object storage), flexible and elastic, it can be easily expanded. The S3 service can be accessed through standard S3 interfaces. Data are store in four different copies in two data centers at more than 400 KM of distance.