Data Protection

Engineering backup infrastructure is deployed across multiple Data Centers, it can be dedicated to a single customer or shared. Engineering solutions are based best of breed commercial tools, including specialized modules for Oracle, SAP, MS SQL, MS Exchange. The Backup system can leverage the capability of replicating data among multiple Data Centers, with the option of external electronic vaulting.

The data protection service implements customer backup occurs according to different retention policies and at any clock rate, ensuring data integrity, for virtual machines entire image, or for physical servers with any operating system, or for specific folders or single files.
Data Protection service consists of a redundant enterprise-class architecture that includes the following components:

  • Backup Server: a logical entity that maintains the coordination of backup; it activates the scheduling and maintains a database with all the indices and information necessary to perform any restore data.
  • Media Agent: a logical entity, coordinated by the Backup server, that executed the backups
  • Backup unit or Content Store: one or more physical entity, piloted by the Media Agents, running materially backups; there are several technologies for backup unit, including : Tape Library , Virtual Tape Library ( VTL ), disk.
  • Client node:  contains the data to be saved with the backup operation.