Data Centers

Engineering.MO Data Center Network

A reference point of the Engineering group for application and infrastructural outsourcing services. Thanks to the blend of state-of-the-art technological standards and through knowledge of business processes in the various market sectors, offers technological and infrastructural services to all market sectors, with a broad spectrum of solutions characterized by high flexibility in the operational modes and skills in each client's scenarios and processes.

The qualifying aspects of the Engineering offer in the area of technological infrastructure management travel through an integrated network of 4 data centers spread throughout Italy and grouped in geographical HUBs for a wide-ranging presence in the country:

  • North West HUB with the Data Centers in Turin and Pont-Saint-Martin,
  • North East HUB with the Data Centers in Vicenza and Milan.

The 4 Data Centers are connected by a broadband fiber ring and are interconnected to the Milan MAN network to guarantee easy accessibility and immediate responses to business requests for clients.

The Engineering Data Centers host high added value Information Technology services, outsourcing services and innovative services according to the Cloud Computing model; the overall perimeter of services offered to a pool of more than 330 clients includes management of over 21,000 servers in the Engineering Data Centers and in those belonging to its clients, desktop management services for over 200,000 workstations,  net disk space of more than 10 Peta-Bytes, more than 400 SAP instances, more than two million tickets per year (service requests coming from users) and more than 1,200 Wide Area Network lines for clients' data connections.

More specifically, the Pont-Saint-Martin Data Center uses a latest generation geothermic system that exploits the water at 13 degrees in the underlying waterbed for the cooling system. A system that allows savings of 20% of electricity and an increase in the refrigerating capacity. The project has allowed Power Usage Effectiveness less than 1.5 (at the date of this document) to be achieved, and therefore a very high efficiency value according to the international standard for measuring energy efficiency.

Data Center support infrastructures are compliant to the highest security requirements of international standards and management processes and conform to the ITIL model.Engineering through its Data Centers network is the partner of the most important "Green European Projects": GAMES and GEYSER.

Pont Saint Martin

The building is built with 4 levels of physical security to access the structure of 2.700 square meters net. Data Center space is further compartmented and divided into separate and self-sufficient bunkers for power supply and connectivity:

  • 4 security levels
  • Extended campus solution with Turin Data Center
  • Geographical Disaster Recovery with the Data Center of Vicenza
  • Connection to main national Carrier Provided trhough Neutral Access Point
  • Autonomous System
  • ISO Certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000
  • 12.000 mq of space in 12 bunker each having independent and redundant power supply system, fire protection system, air conditioning, redundant links with optical fiber. Bunkers are interconnected with fibre optics with a redundant connection. They are mutually separated by concrete walls about 30cm thick, these walls comply with fire regulations REI 120.

Since 2011, the segregation of electrical equipment has been extended, with 3 independent and autonomous power generators able to provide 5 days of continuous energy supply in the center.

The Pont Saint Martin Data Center has, since 2011, adopted a geothermal solution o guarantee cleaner efficiency and to encourage the ecological use of electrical resources, providing power directly to the cooling units via well water. The operation, together with the supply of electricity from renewable sources (hydroelectric), allowed to obtain a P.U.E. (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.57.

The Data Centers of Turin and Pont Saint Martin are interconnected with a proprietary fiber link at 10Gb and configured in extended campus architecture to best meet the needs of markets that increasingly require IT solutions in Business Continuity.


Turin Data center is located in the Torino central area, it offer 400 square metersof ICT space and it is connected to high-speed proprietary fiber with the Pont Saint Martin Data Center. Main features are:

  • Redundant Data Center Technologies Infrastructure
  • Possibility to implement business continuity configurations in "extended campus" and "Data Center Federation" mode with the Data Center of Pont Saint Martin
  • Carrier Neutral with fiber connections to main Carrier Providers
  • Broadband access to the MAN of Turin and ToPIX


The Data Center in Milan, located in the Assago-Milano Fiori district, has a useful surface of 1,540 square meters, is Carrier Neutral and has broadband access to the MAN of Milan and MIX; Ideal for customers who require broadband access in the Milan metropolitan area or for customers who need Asynchronous DR Solutions.


Located in the industrial area of Vicenza, it plays the role of technological HUB for the Triveneto area. Recently built, the Data Center has an area of 950 square meters of net ICT space and has the following features:

  • Redundant Data Center Technologies Infrastructures to accommodate customers who need high SLA for service availability
  • Dedicated and high-speed links with Data Center Engineering network including Pont Saint Martin Data Center. it is the ideal location for configurations that require an Asynchronous Disaster Recovery service on geographic distances
  • Like the other Data Centers in the group is Carrier Neutral